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15 Things you have to do while visiting Jacó Beach

Jaco Beach is a town located in the coast zone of Central Pacific of Costa Rica.

A touristic place that has it all, mountains, beach, the best accommodation places, restaurants, banks, Movie Theater, commercial centers and whatever you need to make your stay more comfortable and pleasant. But certainly the best is its people, very friendly people who always have a smile available, willing to show you the best of their town and make you feel welcome.

There are many activities that you can do in Jaco and the places you can visit, this list gives you 15 things you cannot miss in this charming town and I assure you that when you do, you will not want to leave.

Jacó Beach

1. Find your wings!

It may sound a bit poetic but it is real. Thanks to a group called Artify Jaco, the streets of this town, are being filled with art.

There are 3 different pairs of wings in Jacob, can you find them all?

2. Hike up ¨El Miro¨

If there is a place where you can enjoy the beach and the mountain at the same time is Jaco, it has to be ¨El Miro¨, as it was dubbed by the locals. It is an access to the mountain where you will have a spectacular view of Jaco. But not just that, along the way you could find monkeys, frogs, toucans and macaws in their natural environment, as well as decorated walls and many many many graffiti, seriously, there are many.


3. Celebrate Independence Day

Costa Rica celebrates its Independence Day on September 15th. It is one of the few countries that celebrates its independence with children and teenagers dancing and singing. More than 10 bands parade along the main street of Jaco for approximately 3 hours. A whole town celebrating their freedom with music, dancing and very good food, this is a party that you definitely do not want to miss.


4. Ride a bike

The # 1 transportation in Jaco is the bicycle, but not any bicycle, the preferred one is the ¨banana¨. If you want to feel like a real local you should ride a ¨banana¨, but do not worry you do not have to take your whole family in it like some locals do.


5. Take surf lessons

Coming to Jaco and not taking a surf lesson is like you never came. Jaco is the surfer’s beach, the waves of this town do not disappoint anyone. For this activity, there is no age limit, there is no person too young or too adult to enjoy a good day at sea surfing the waves.


6. Eat in a local restaurant

One of the greatest pleasures of life, eat; in Jaco, you will find an extensive list of dining options with exquisite dishes, but one place you definitely have to eat is in a “soda”. The sodas are like small restaurants where the food is homemade and with the familiar treatment that you receive you will feel at home. In the sodas you will find the typical Costa Rican food, where you will pay for a complete dish no more than 4000 colons ($ 8US).


7. Attending the Art Festival

Every year in March at Jaco Beach an art festival is held. There is a free program with national and international artists with music, theater, dance, circus, painting exhibitions, sculptures and photography, as well as carousels for the little ones, handicrafts and delicious food. A festival created for the enjoyment of all.

8. Zip-line

If you like heights this is for you and if you don’t this is for you too, because the fears have to be faced in the most fun way. An activity where you can enjoy nature without harming it and have the best views of the ocean. While you “fly” from one tree to another you will see monkeys, macaws or toucans. An experience that you must live at least once in your life and there is no better place to do it than Jaco Beach.

9. Attending ¨El Tope¨

Each year in November, there is a ¨Tope¨. Which are a horse parade and their respective horsemen, it goes from end to end in the Pastor Diaz Avenue. A whole day full of boots, hats and the most beautiful horses of the region, there is no way of having a bad time.

10. Eat at ¨Doña Marta¨ restaurant

The name of the place is Rancho Shadday, but is better known as ¨Doña Marta¨. Imagine a place on top, surrounded by mountains and lots of vegetation, overlooking the ocean, toucans, macaws, butterflies and hummingbirds flying around, where you can only breathe pure air and everything is cooked with wood fire. You cannot leave Jaco without trying the food of Doña Marta.


11. Attending The Beer Festival

Is there anything better than enjoying a good beer? Of course! A craft beer festival on the beach. The Green Room restaurant every year in September delights beer lovers with this festival, with more than 8 stands of artisan beers 100% made in Costa Rica and live music. Craft beer, music, beach … do I really need to say more?

12. Take an ATV tour

A good vacation is not complete without a bit of adrenaline. In Jaco, there are very professional companies with the best guides, who will ensure that you live an unforgettable experience. Entering the mountains, appreciating nature, crossing rivers and enjoying the waterfalls, all this is possible with this tour.

13. Shop at the Farmer´s Market

The best place to buy your fruits is at the Farmer´s Market every Friday in Jaco, where you will find, and very nice farmers offering their products at the best prices. At the fair you will not only find fruits, you can also buy vegetables, freshly prepared natural juices, tamales, homemade cakes, coconut cookies, cheese and many more traditional Costa Rican products. Giving a taste of a good fresh fruit plate after having shared a morning with the locals is a pleasant experience not to be missed.


14. Enjoy a sunset

Seeing the sky dye the most beautiful colors is one of the wonders that you cannot miss in Jaco. Find the place you prefer, from the balcony of a hotel, from the mountain, from your table in a restaurant or just sitting on the sand at the beach, and enjoy this free show offered by nature. Each sunset is different and I assure you that Jaco Beach has a magic touch that you will love.

15. Relax

That simple, relax! If you visit Jaco Beach you can leave your watch at home because in this town life is lived without haste. If you don´t want to do zip-line, surfing, ATV tour or eating at ¨sodas¨, there is no problem, you do not have to do it, but what you should do is relax and enjoy the wonderful positive vibe that is in this beautiful town. Bring your worries, release them in this tropical paradise and take a bit of PURA VIDA.

Author: Fany García