Jaco Beach Covid Test Labs

Labs and Clinics Outside San Jose


Currently, there are four labs in the Jaco area for Covid testing; three can do the antigen (rapid test).

Lab MMI – Rapid Test Option

In Jaco, a private clinic called MMI (affiliated lab) can do the RT-PCR test and antigen test. This clinic has a couple of general practioners and also a lab on-site. They take the sample and send it off to San Jose for testing. They are located right in downtown Jaco (see map here).

RT-PCR: Results are provided within 36-48 hours, but expedited service is available for an additional fee. Cost: 78,000 colones (about $127).

Antigen Test: Results provided within about 10 hours. Cost: $80.

Prior appointment required. Call (506) 2643-2300 or WhatsApp (506) 6282-9515. Testing available every day of the week.

Laboratorio Clinico Jaco – Rapid Test Option

A lab testing option for both the RT-PCR and antigen test is Laboratorio Clinico Jaco. They are an authorized lab so perform the tests themselves in their lab. They are located in Jaco Walk.

RT-PCR: Results are provided in 24-36 hours. Cost: $125.

Antigen Test: Results are provided the same day. Cost: $75.

They offer testing in the morning only (7:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.), on a limited basis. Closed Sundays.

For more information and to make an appointment, visit their website.

Rush Urgent Care

Another option for the RT-PCR in Jaco is Rush Urgent Care (affiliated lab). They charge 80,000 colones (about $130) and provide results in 48 hours. They can also do at-home/hotel testing for an additional 30,000 colones ($50). Here is a map link to their location in Il Galeone building in downtown Jaco.

Make an appointment online through their website. For more information, message them on Facebook or call/WhatsApp (506) 8454-8543. 

Clinica Herradura (Los Suenos)  – Rapid Test Option

For those staying at Los Suenos Resort or Los Suenos Marriott in Herradura, there is a testing option right next door. Clinica Herradura (affiliated lab) can do both the RT-PCR and antigen test.

For the RT-PCR, they provide results in about 48 hours. Cost: About $135. They recommend testing 3 days before your flight.

For the antigen test, they provide results in 24 hours. Cost: $85.

Call (506) 2637-8610 to make an appointment. 

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