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MonteVerde a place you must visit

Monteverde (2)

monteverde5bThe magazine “Scientific American” notes eleven natural wonders “there see before they disappear,” victims of climate change.

The publication notes listed the Amazon rain-forest, the boreal forest that covers Canada, Russia and Scandinavia, Bay Mahajamba in Africa, islands and atolls in the Pacific and wetlands of Doñana in Spain and the tropical rain forest of Monteverde in Costa Rica, among others.

On Monteverde says “gets its name from live permanently in the clouds. Humidity is usually 100% but as global warming drives the clouds upwards and elsewhere, the forest is exposed to higher temperatures and drier conditions. That change can mean the end of the green mountains of Monteverde. ”

The list of eleven natural beauties complete the Fynbos in the Cape region in South Africa, the Ross Ice Shelf in Antarctica, Kilimanjaro glacier, the Great Barrier Reef in Australia and the Arctic region in all its splendor .

Monteverde (2)



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