Recommendations to prevent the risk of exposure to COVID-19 in travelers

Recommendations to prevent the risk of exposure to COVID-19 in travelers: Before entering the departure lounge, during the boarding and flight process, do your handwashing and make the following recommendations:

1. Keep, as far as possible, a distance of more than 1.8 m from people close to your surroundings.

2. If you have an N95 respirator, proceed to put it on, it is recommended in this case, preferably that you do not have a valve (after reviewing donning and removal recommendations)

3. If you do not have an N 95 respirator, it is recommended that you wear a surgical medical mask

4. While wearing the N95 respirator or surgical mask, do not touch or rearrange your eyes.

5. In people with asthma, chronic lung disease, or some other chronic lung disease, wearing a surgical mask is recommended.

6. If you have a face shield or face mask, it is recommended to use it to increase the barrier of protection for the eyes, nose, and mouth.

7. Hand hygiene: wash your hands as much as possible or hand hygiene with alcohol gel, with a % of alcohol> 70%

8. Make frequent cleaning of the seat environment with alcohol> 70%

9. Limit the conversation with passengers around

10. When removing the N95 respirator and face mask, be careful not to touch your face or skin and immediately wash or disinfect your hands.

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