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Ruins El Miro in Jacó


Have you heard about the beauty hidden behind the mysterious ruins El Miro in Jacó?

If you love the nature and the adventures this site will be perfect for you, especially if you are looking a place to hiking and mountain biking, and likewise admire all the natural beauty and the hidden mysterious ruins of The Miro.

Jaco is located in Garabito on Puntarenas province just at 90 minutes away of the capital; it has many touristic attractions like Jaco Beach, which is one of the most near beaches to San José. The Miro is a site well known to local people but not to foreigners and other visitors. This place is located in the south side of Jaco, to get there you have to go to Quepos road and turn left just after the gas station.

This lookout is visible from the beach for the characteristics arches and ruins white painted that attract attention from their distance. But being able to appreciate these ruins up close is a great privilege, in spite of that maybe the steep trails can be a little tired for you it is an adventure that is worth experiencing, because from the beginning of the trails you can appreciate the stone sculptures on one side of this, as well as the flora and fauna, you can find different types of birds, monkeys, sloths and many more animals, with a humid and nice climate that make this adventure a memorable experience.

mysterious ruins El Miro in Jacó

In the half of the way you can find the first arches where you can make a stop to rest and appreciate the view that will improve even more when it reaches the ruins, it is said that these ruins were of a future hotel or restaurant that wanted to build but in half construction the respective owner died leaving thus unfinished the structure so that despite not reaching the objectives for which it was intended, it did not stop being a place of great value because it has the best view of all Jaco.

ruins El Miro in Jacó

So if you are a lover of panoramic views, nature and magical sunsets this place is perfect for you, for sure it will become in one of your favorites. Undoubtedly The Miro is the place that you can’t forget to visit when you come to Jaco.

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