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Why visit the Carara national park?


The Carara National Park is located near the Pacific coast of Costa Rica, this park translates into a diversity of flora and fauna, where species of the humid and dry forests inhabit.

In the park inhabit birds like the red barnacle (Ara Macao) that is in danger of extinction. The Carara National Park is the first park to obtain with a universal path where visitors can enjoy the flora and fauna of our country.

 The park is considered an excellent life laboratory where the great functioning of ecosystems and the relationships between them are studied. There is a large number of species with an always green predominance. One of the main attractions of Carara Park is the red barnacle that is in its natural habitat, marshes, forest lagoons, forests and nature trails.

The temperature is close to 28 ° C, the precipitation is about 3,000 mm. The dry months are those of March and April and the rainy months are those of September to November. The humid and dry tropical forest can be appreciated species such as: Guarumo, Ergot, Esparvel, Ojoche, Cristóbal and El Ojillo, public tours are made to the coffee bush, endemic species of the Central Pacific and totally unique species in the world.

You can see species of aboles that can measure at a height of about 40 meters such as: the Guanacaste, the gallinazo, the guácimo colorado, the higuerón, the guayabo and the javillo.

In wildlife, the Carara National Park has a great diversity in species, mammals such as the giant anteater, armadillos, opossums. White-tailed deer, agoutis (guatusa), hammers and tolomucos. You can also appreciate what are raccoons, carablanca monkeys, lazy with 4 eyes, we can also find felines such as the puma, jaguar and manigordo



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